Custom patcheGlobal fashion houses try to outdo themselves by coming out with pieces that are set to wow during runway shows at international fashion events. The biggest designer brands usually go for intricate embroidery, elaborate beading, and hand-painted fabrics to make their collections stand out. But global fashion brands walk the extra mile to experiment on designs. Sometimes, a luxury brand surprises fashion watchers by using an unexpected add-on to make its collection unique. One of the most recent funky runway trends is the use of embroidered patches.

Male and female models sashayed runways during international fashion shows donning different types of patched jackets by brands from Asia, Europe, and the United States. Statuesque female models stunned in silk jackets that had several embroidered patches. The contrast between the classic vibe of the silk material and the funky vibe of the patches was a huge hit. Male models, meanwhile, strutted in outfits accented by bomber jackets with a single patch. Other models walked the ramp in denim jackets that were adorned with colorful patches. Fashion watchers also saw varsity jackets, blazers, and baseball jackets that were all patched.

Pieces that are exhibited on runways during fashion shows are definitely not easy on the pocket, especially if they are made by the world’s largest fashion brands. They cost more than an arm and a leg, even if they are just adorned with patches. Luckily for fashionistas on a budget, they can still be dressed in patched jackets without having to spend too much. All they need to do is to have patches made so that they can transform their jackets into fashionably chic apparel.

It is not advisable to copy the exact designs of fashion houses due to copyright infringement. Fashionistas are just advised to draw inspiration from runway looks. Besides, fashionistas can tweak patch designs to their liking because embroidered patches can be customized. They can select from hundreds of border types and thread colors at Patches4Less. They can also choose to have custom patches made with different shapes and sizes.

As for the design of custom patches, a fashionista can propose any possible motif, pattern, or figure. The sky is the limit whenever customization is possible. A fashionista can send a sketch or soft copy of his design to our design team.

If there is no time to draw a sketch or make a digital design, a fashionista can simply communicate his ideas to our experienced graphic designers who will take care of creating the patch design. Once the design has been finalized and approved, the patches will be produced. The fashionista need not worry about where to claim his custom patches as they will be shipped to his address of choice.

Another advantage of using custom patches is that a fashionista can use one, two, a few, or many patches. A single jacket can have many looks by just adding or removing patches on the collar, sleeves, cuffs, front side, and back side. Patches4Less requires a minimum order of 10 pieces per design. The minimum order requirement is nominal, especially for fashionistas who want to embellish their wardrobe pieces. Although most of the recent patched runway looks involve jackets and blazers, fashionistas can also sew embroidered patches into their dresses, shirts, shorts, belts, canvas shoes, sneakers, hats, caps, scarves, and bags.

Fashionistas can take it a notch higher by mixing and matching patches with various colors and types of fabrics. The safe choice is to go with compatible color schemes. But a fashionista can easily experiment with contrasting colors because he can just remove a customized patch if it does not go well with the color or fabric of his apparel. It is easier to take fashion risks because of the ease of removing patches that are sewn into or attached on clothes and accessories.

The use of custom patches allows a fashionista to put on runway-ready looks without burning a hole in the pocket. A patched piece of clothing from a designer brand may be luxurious and precious. But if it does not fit one’s budget, then he can settle with personalizing a piece of clothing with at least one custom patch. Such personalized patched apparel may not be as valuable as a designer item, but it mirrors the creativity and individuality of the fashionista who owns it.

Custom patches can be used in various forms. It looks classy and attractive.

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