Challenge coins are some of the most interesting and meaningful memorabilia that a company or organization can give to its members.  With the tradition of giving challenge coins going back as far as Ancient Rome, receiving and actually owning a challenge coin is an important privilege and honor. If you own a challenge coin, then there is a great chance that you are fully aware of its significance.

The popularity of challenge coins has increased rapidly through the years. Many top organizations, such as branches or smaller units of the military, police and fire departments and even corporations are commissioning companies such as to create coins. If you are part of these organizations, you know fully well that these coins are more prevalent than ever.

As a result, more and more companies are starting to order these items to give away to their members. If your company is interested in ordering the coins, or if you are a person who likes to collect them, you know that its quality and aesthetic appearance are equally important.

Because these are typically given as a special memento, these need to have the best quality and design. At challengecoins4less, our clients emphasize certain qualities more than others when they order challenge coins.  There are many companies that make challenge coins, but only a few deliver in terms of quality, design, service, and pricing.  We, at, strive to deliver the best of these to clients.
Challenge Coins

With the help of, we have put together some of the best features of challenge coin companies that clients like you typically look for.  Here they are:

1. Customization –

Most clients prefer to have the option of customizing their own challenge coins with a special design, and with their own logo included. Good challenge coin makers will allow you to design your own coin and even provide you with a form wherein you can specify the colors, textures, logos, and other features that you want to embed into the coin.

A trusted challenge coin company, such as offers no fees for quotations, design and revisions.  You can customize until you are satisfied with the design.  Along with the process of back and forth revisions, you are typically not charged for it.  Only a design that you are satisfied with will be sent to the factory for manufacturing.

2. Detailed Design –

Excellent challenge coin companies can recreate logos of corporations, symbols and even texts in great detail.  A poorly made coin will not have distinctive details.  Members of military branches or fire and police departments are proud to be part of their team, and would love it if the coins they received have clearly distinguishable and excellently crafted detailed designs.

3. Quality Service –

Custom CoinsGood challenge coin companies have expert designers who can guide you in producing artwork for the design that you have in mind.  These expert designers can create the vision that you have in your head and will work with you until you are satisfied with the design. Aside from expert designers, expect quality service from other members of staff, such as the sales associate and actual coin manufacturers. These days, good quality should be matched with exemplary service.

4. Reasonable Lead Time –

Depending on the quantity and intricacy of the design, a lead time of three weeks or less is reasonable for the manufacture of challenge coins. If you encounter a company that offers less than two weeks, be wary of the quality.  Creating quality challenge coins takes a bit of time, and a good company is capable of achieving the perfect balance of promptness and quality.

5. Reasonable Price –

Good companies are transparent in their quotes and have no hidden fees. They also offer reasonable prices for the quality that you deserve.  Reputable companies will charge for extra options.

6. Variety of Options –

Good companies will offer you various options, such as coin sizes, color options, tones and edge designs.  Typically, you can choose from seven standard coin sizes, ranging from 1.50 inches in diameter to 3 inches in diameter.  You can also choose from die struck coins, one sided-color coins, or two-sided color coins.

Challenge coin companies also offer options such as antique finish, glitter enamel, duo-tone metal, velvet coin bags or velvet presentation cases, diamond cut edges, 3D designs, and cutouts.


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