Confidence, or lack of it, is almost always an issue for novice motivational speakers anywhere in the world. However, believe it or not, but even experienced and popular motivational speakers still doubt themselves from time to time. It cannot be helped for most people because negative receptions and opinions will always be lurking behind them. There will be naysayers and people with opposite opinions. There will be better speakers with more engaging style and more compelling humor.

The legendary public speaking guru Dale Carnegie recounted in multiple occasions that he, himself, started in the business with low confidence. People did not initially appreciate his modern techniques before the World War II broke out, which he took as a blow to his profession as a lecturer and writer. It was not until his death in 1955 when the world fully embraced his art of public speaking.

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The same is true with Australian motivational speaker and evangelist Nick Vujicic. Having born without arms and legs, he, at some point in his life, tried to commit suicide because of depression and anxiety. Although scenarios like this are not common even for the most anxious motivational speakers, it is true that a simple fear of public speaking can hinder a person’s success, regardless of the talent and raw charisma that he or she possesses.

There are three fears that usually lead to insecurity and anxiety according to

We explain here why and how they affect you, and how you can overcome them.

1. Fear of disappointing other people

Setting high standards for yourself can either help you improve or hurt your confidence even more. Your confidence is reinforced when you achieve your goals, but it may also be hurt when you end up disappointing yourself. Many people fear disappointing their audience and followers, but the truth is, this is just a convenient way of expressing their disappointment in their own self.

It is okay to set lofty goals and dream big as a motivational speaker. What’s not okay is to lose grip of reality and drown in your own impossible standards. As a novice motivational speaker, you are likely to start small without a name and enough resources to fund a full-blown campaign. Take things slowly and do not plan too far ahead. Learn from your mistakes and keep your plans in line with your abilities. There are also a lot of inspirational stories that you can learn from here in our website,

2. Fear of wrongful judgment

Some people in the audience naturally hold prejudice while some do not mind discriminating other people out of self-righteousness. Some simply do not have an open mind to heed your opinions. Every motivational speaker is bound to receive wrongful judgment from some people, but many of them do not hold anything personal against you. They are just on the other side for some reason without really doing a personal attack on you.

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Wrongful judgment happens because of difference in opinion. Your job as a motivational speaker is not to hold grudge against them nor attack them for their opposition. Your job is to convince them to believe you, if not consider what you are saying at the least. We tell novice speakers here in over and over again that the most important thing in motivational speaking is not really to change a person’s opinion but to give him something to think about.

3. Fear of being ignored

Getting ignored while delivering a speech is something that a lot of motivational speakers experience once in a while. The fault can be in your style, energy, and speech, especially when you fail to engage them and make your enthusiasm contagious.

However, there are also times when an audience’s inattentiveness happens because of lack of interest. Not everyone in the audience is there to listen. Some are there for the certificate, for the networking opportunity, or for the experience. Anticipate reality.

When you deliver a speech, speak for the audience who want to listen because they deserve your attention. For starters, trying is the best they can do. As you practice public speaking, your style, delivery, humor, charisma, and presence will evolve with your experience. A complete command of the audience does not happen overnight. It is learned and developed. Read more often to learn new techniques and practices in public speaking.

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The most common mistake that most golfers (especially beginners) make is choosing the wrong golf clubs – those that do not go well with their swing. Whether you are about to buy your first golf club set or you just want to give your old clubs an upgrade, it is necessary to know your abilities first. Only then can you decide which clubs are best for you.

A little self-assessment would be best before buying your own golf set. One of the most important things you need to check is how fast or slow you can swing. Most people can determine which golf clubs to buy according to the measurement of their own swing speed. It is said that the faster your swing is, the less forgiving your club should be. With a much slower swing, a more forgiving club design is ideal.

Let’s say you already know your own golf skills too well. Now it’s time to know more about golf clubs.

Written below the things that you’ll have to specifically look for to pinpoint the right clubs.


Golf PuttersTry using two golf clubs with two dissimilar shafts: graphite and steel. After trying both, decide which has a better feel for you. Graphite shafts are highly recommended for starters because they are lighter than steel shafts. This allows beginners to swing easily while they are still trying to improve on their skills. Also, graphite shafts can lessen the tendency of twisting your own wrists, giving you more chances of hitting the ball accurately.

Shaft Flex

The shaft flex is the measurement of how much a shaft can bend at the point of impact during a swing. There are 5 different categories: Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff flex, and Extra-stiff flex. Ladies flex has a swing speed lesser than 60 mph. The senior flex is for 60-75 mph, while regular flex is for 75-84 mph. Stiff flex is for 84-93 mph, whereas extra-stiff flex is for 93 mph and above. If you measure your flex inaccurately, then there’s a bigger chance of failing your swing every time.


Golf ClubsThe thickness of your grip alone can definitely affect your play. Your golf club grip should not be too thin, because it forces greater wrist and hand action during your swing. However, thick grips can limit your hand movements. To measure it correctly, as you grip, your second and third fingers must only be able to touch lightly at the pad of your thumb. Grips should not be taken for granted because they’re the part of your clubs that you’ll have to hold and control.

The Club Head

The club head that you choose must complement on how well you swing. There are different sizes available on every store, including in RockBottomGolf. These sizes include standard, midsize and over sized. Just remember that the bigger the sizes of the heads are, the more forgiving they will be. This is when the measurement of the speed of your swing comes in handy.

The Iron

Taylormade GolfThere are two types of irons: muscle-backed irons and cavity-backed irons. Muscle-backed irons are ideal for players who hit the ball precisely on the club face. Cavity-backed irons, on the other hand, are best for players who tend to hit over the club face.

Test the Golf Club or Read More Reviews

Overall, this list should serve as a reminder that it’s vital to test the golf clubs before purchasing them. It is best to have a good feel about your chosen golf club. Moreover, if buying online is more convenient for you because you are too busy to go from one physical store to another, then reading customer reviews is your last resort.

In, you will find amazing deals with great discounts that may not be available in your local retail stores. You may also opt to return your own purchased items just in case you think the golf club isn’t right for you.

The HCG weight loss program’s core is the HCG drops. Companies that offer these drops are also providing kits that include supplements that will help speed up weight loss. Most kits will include vitamin supplements such as B-complex and Amino acids and other materials to help you with your program.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone is a prohormone that is manufactured synthetically for homeopathy. HCG is naturally present in pregnant women and is vital in keeping the baby healthy and nourished in-utero. The role of this hormone in weight loss is not clear but early studies show that HCG mobilizes the fat stores and can shave off the fat without reducing muscle mass.

HCG Diet Essentials

HCG Diet KitThe HCG diet recommends limiting caloric intake to 500 calories while taking the drops. The program is strict and as good things don’t come easy, it entails hard work and dedication. The good thing about this diet is that it does not require you to exercise if you don’t want to. You can lose weight even with minimal or no exercise.

With strict compliance to the rules of the diet plus the use of the drops, a decrease in weight by several pounds per week can be expected. You won’t get such quick results from other diet plans. The HCG drops should be taken under the tongue, at a dose of 10 drops thrice a day.

Picking the Right HCG Diet Kit

Why pick a diet kit? If you’re a first time user, a diet kit will make things easier for you. The drops and diet is already effective but if you want your diet to go smoothly and with best results, then the HCG diet kit can help a lot. Most diet kits will contain appetite suppressant pills, vitamins, and a guide on how to plan your meals.

The HCG diet program has three main phases, kits are available for each phase. Here is how to choose the right kit for you.

Phase 1- This phase is called the fat-loading phase. This is the simplest stage of all! All you have to do is eat fat-rich food to prepare yourself for the next phase. While you are in this phase, you can start taking the HCG drops and take Vitamin B-complex. A starter kit which includes the drops, vitamins, and a recipe guide for your meals will be very helpful for those who are in Phase 1.

Phase 2- This is where the hard work comes in. This is also called the Diet Phase or, as some say, the main event of the program. At this stage you will be asked to limit your diet to 500 calories daily. The advantage of HCG drops is that these will not make you hungry since the hormone is a natural appetite suppressant. If you are at this stage, the right HCG diet kit for you is one that includes the drops and Xilo Gum. The latter is a gum that is approved for use with the HCG diet. It is sugar free and has the ability to suppress appetite naturally to help you control your appetite and stick to the calories recommended by the program.

Phase 3- This is the maintenance phase and is very important yet the hardest to maintain. For this phase, appetite control pills that are usually included in a phase 3 HCG diet kit will be very helpful in keeping your caloric intake within proper bounds. The pills often contain raspberry ketone that helps increase fat metabolism as well as keeps you in shape. Raspberry ketone also boosts your energy levels.

Upon knowing about all these things, you should be ready to take on the HCG challenge – and soon enough, you’ll be in your ideal weight.