Let Jess, Michelle and Pierre François Frédéric help you uncover your own definitions / ideas / values / perspective around enthusiasm, success, uniquity (yes, that’s a made up word – we do it often and encourage it!), intention, self-care, success, money, celebration, and trust – all leading you to The Declaration of You! Through a series of creative, colorful exercises — questions to get the wheels turning and an encouraging kick in the pants — you will get all the permission you crave to step passionately into your life, discover how you and your gifts are unique, and uncover what you are meant to do!


Each chapter begins with a “Discover It” (explaining what you, the reader, can expect to achieve by the end of the chapter), followed by a series of list-making explorations that lead you to create a Declaration for that chapter. The “Own It” sections offer inspiring interviews with Kari Chapin, Susannah Conway, Leonie Dawson, Jonathan Fields, Alexandra Franzen, Anahata Katkin, Natalia KW, Danielle LaPorte, Jennifer Lee, Kelly Rae Roberts, Andrea Scher, and Colleen Wainwright. “Make It” sections provide crafty project ideas for applying what you are discovering in a fun and tangible way.

Purchase a signed copy of the book directly from us using the button to the left!The Declaration of You is also available through Amazon.com, Powell’s Books, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.

Jessica and Michelle are proof of Internet friends turned besties and collaborators. After they met virtually and fell in platonic love, Jess became psychic & asked Michelle to collaborate with her on “some sort of e-workbook… full of brilliant coach-y wisom and colorful illustrations and all kinds of good stuff!” Michelle intelligently responded, “Duh!” and The Declaration of You – along with Pierre François Frédéric – was born.
Jessica Swift (left), a full-time artist, surface pattern designer and writer, is on a quest to inspire everyone on the planet to pursue their wild + colorful dreams… and never give up. Her magically uplifting and colorful artwork is licensed by companies and manufacturers for iPhone cases, fabric, stationery, and much more. Her art and products are designed to serve as tokens of happiness — reminders that you need (and deserve) to feel GOOD in your life. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and two adorable cats, and you can find her colorfully creating and blogging online at jessicaswift.com.

Michelle Ward (right), aka The When I Grow Up Coach, PCC, has coached hundreds of creative types to devise the career they think they can’t have or discover it to begin with. She’s a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, a musical theater actress with her BFA from NYU/Tisch, and a Corporate America escapee. Michelle lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband Luke, her ukulele Lucille, and the Roomba, Jeeves. You’ll find her coachin’, singin’ and bloggin’ at whenigrowupcoach.com.

Pierre François Frédéric is a Frenchman who used The Declaration of You (or, as he calls it, Zee Declaration of You) to discover his love of party hats, using animals for transportation, and brightly-colored attire. He has always been a wonderful lover and Judge Judy fan, and is making all the girls crazy by serenading them with his singing voice and on the Twitter machine. You can also find him on the Facebook, eating many desserts at T. G. I. Friday’s, and riding Jean-Luc Zee Pony.

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“I think (NO, I KNOW) that this book is helping to remind myself that I am a creative person. You’ve helped me dust off my prismacolors… and get jiggy with ‘em.”

“…these great exercises that forced me to shine a light on my fears and insecurities — I felt so much better and more positive after coming up with ways to restructure my beliefs. Hey, I’m not a totally irresponsible, hopeless idiot! Great discovery!”

“This exercise is such a great way to start things off. I went into it thinking I had a pretty good idea of (the outcome), but I surprised myself. I discovered new things, hidden things, and things I’m not getting much of right now that I think I need to be happy. Lots of common threads, which is exciting and affirming…”

“The book really helped push my journey of self-exploration along. I have been wanting to make a change for a long time but it wasn’t until Michelle & Jess challenged me with the issues presented in the book that I was ableto begin to explore my fears, weaknesses & strengths so I could figure out how to achieve my longstanding goals.

“I love learning new things and sometimes feel like I’m all over the place, not really focused on one passion or two. But this exercise let me see that they are connected and that makes me happy!

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On August 3rd, 2013, we held our first-ever Declaration of You Day! We met on the Declaration of You Facebook page from 11am – 5pm EST, where we posted prompts to work through the book all day long. Participants had a chance to work through the book alongside many others (including us!)– sharing photos, ideas, aha moments, and inspiration as we went along. And the best part: there were secret, surprise giveaways + other fun goodies throughout the day!

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